Tiago is proud to use the services of Yummy Catering. Established in 2004, Yummy Catering is a leading children’s caterer providing affordable, high quality meals and snacks for children attending child care centres and schools.

Yummy Catering can accommodate most allergies, multi-allergy requests, and religious and dietary restrictions.

For more information about Yummy Catering, visit them at their website:


What's Provided

All children are invited to join in two snacks, one first thing in the morning while the children arrive, and one in the early afternoon at the end of school hours. Snacks are purchased and prepared by Tiago staff.

Children in the pre-school program will enjoy a healthy meal catered by Yummy Catering. This company was chosen by the Tiago Board of Directors based on it's outstanding reputation for quality, portion sizes, and value.

On days when the Daycare is open, but schools are closed (such as PA days), additional meals are ordered for the School Age Children.

Tiago is a peanut free facility.